Medical Resources

Medical Resources

We believe it is very important that the information a parent receives regarding their child's health and development is sound and well researched. For this reason, the Pediatricians and Nurse Practitioners at Desert Sun Pediatrics have provided this section of medical resources. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, but if you would like additional information, please visit the sites recommended here.

General Advice

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has created a reliable website at to help you get answers to all of your questions regarding your child’s health. The following sites are also very useful in providing general pediatric advice.

Is Your Child Sick?

Please look at the following site for information when your child is ill:

If further questions arise, then contact your Physician or Nurse Practitioner.


We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC guidelines for immunizations. It is our strong belief that prevention of a disease is always better than having to treat an illness. As you bring your children in for their scheduled well-child visits, they will receive all the immunizations that are appropriate for their age.

If you would like to get more information regarding vaccines, the following websites provide accurate and scientifically sound information:


Nutrition is a key component to overall health and wellness. Developing healthy nutrition habits in childhood and lead to a stronger, healthier adult life. All of our Pediatricians and Nurse Practitioners have a great deal of knowledge and resources for you and your child regarding nutrition. Also, Dr. Rampley is a registered dietitian and can be an invaluable resource for you.

Obesity if one of the most serious health issues children face today. Overweight children have a higher likelihood of becoming overweight adults and can lead to early death from diabetes, heart disease, stroke or cancer. Our Pediatricians and Nurse Practitioners want to work with your family to develop healthy nutritional habits. Dr. Horlick and Dr. Rampley are especially interested in this issue and are willing to meet with families to help develop a plan for the family to improve their eating habits. Please visit the following sites for more information:


Starting solid foods in your baby is such an exciting time. Usually, it is recommended around 6 months of age when your child no longer has a tongue-thrust and is able to maintain head and neck control. Below are some guidelines to help you when it is time to start. Your provider will also go over this at your good examination and when they feel your baby is ready to start. Good luck, have fun and take lots of pictures!


While breastfeeding is the most important nutrition you can provide for your baby, it can also be a difficult part of parenting. The Physicians and Nurse Practitioners believe breastfeeding is best and are here to provide support for your family if questions or concerns arise. Both of our Nurse Practitioners are lactation specialists and are here to help you with any breastfeeding issues you may have. They can meet with you and your child for a lactation consultation or provide guidance over the phone. The following sites are also helpful:

Adolescent / Teens

The teen years bring plenty of challenges and a whole new set of parenting concerns. The resources below are to help you and your teenager during these times.

Behavioral Health

At Desert Sun Pediatrics, we are committed to promoting physical, emotional, behavioral and interpersonal well-being. We offer behavioral health services to address a wide variety of concerns such as school problems, emotional difficulties, as well as relationship issues dealing with the family and social circles. We also feel it is important to address the emotional and behavioral aspects of medical problems and how they can impact a child's well-being. The behavioral health clinician serves as a member of the care team to support the child and their family. This can be through visits to our office, psychological evaluations, or ongoing behavioral treatment. If you feel behavioral services may be helpful, then please contact our office to make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your provider.

Information on specific topics related to behavioral health are also available here:

Miscellaneous Sites

Below are suggested websites we often refer our families too. We are always looking for additional websites so let us know if you find one you find helpful.

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